Stefan Weisman's From Frankenstein, a 30 minute long composition for singer and five instruments, falls somewhere between song cycle and one-woman opera. The mezzo-soprano soloist takes on the roles of Dr. Frankenstein, the Creature, Mary Shelley, and even the "first man," Adam, in the opening of the work. The characters reflect on the theme of the implications of creation, and the relation between the creator and the created.

The set design by Mark Leibert adds the visual component. Working with real and fictional DNA sequences he probes the real and disturbing arena of biotechnology, patenting of life, and the enduring theme of "playing God." A simple set of planes governed by the Fibonacci series of numbers maintains a crisp architecture, which accepts the code and instructions suggested by the DNA sequences projected on painted panels.

To honor the spirit of the Frankenstein festival, Weisman and Leibert will also show Thomas Edison's Frankenstein, the first ever cinematic treatment of Shelley's novel.







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